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We’ve been married for over 50 years. It didn’t occur to me someone else could take over.

If you don’t plan, strangers could make decisions for you…

Many vulnerable people and their families are frustrated by the lack of a service they receive or the imposition of a service that they do not want. Of course, it’s not always disagreements with care providers that cause problems.

We are also involved in cases where families cannot agree what level or type of care should be given. It can come as a shock for next of kin when they discover the law does not give them special decision-making powers over their incapacitated loved ones.

It is essential that the best interests of the individual needing care are put first and their needs and finances are protected.

We advise many families and service users who feel aggrieved by the actions of health authorities, social services and even other family members.

Court of Protection specialists

We have a team of specialists dedicated to Court of Protection advice including: Finance; Health and personal welfare; Deprivation of Liberty appeals and sadly, we come across many examples of abuse and seek to use the legal process to uphold the rights of the vulnerable.

Court of Protection team

Our experienced Court of Protection team cover the court hearing centres in Liverpool, Manchester, Chester, Preston, Caernarvon, Leeds, Sheffield, Birmingham and London. We continue to build our Court of Protection department representing incapacitated clients on behalf of litigation friends including the Official Solicitor in the following areas:

  • Appointing a deputy or acting as a deputy
  • Lasting Powers of Attorney or Enduring Powers of Attorney
  • Statutory Wills and trusts
  • Personal injury trusts, including those for children
  • Court of Protection health and welfare disputes

We also provide advice to:

  • Local authorities and their legal departments
  • Independent sector providers of hospital, residential and domiciliary care
  • Old age services and learning disability organisations
  • Voluntary and charitable organisations

More ways we can help protect your family

Wishes & Feelings

Court of protection

Court of Protection

Lasting power of attorney

What can happen if my family is not protected?

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A word from one of our clients…

Catherine Pease visited me in hospital and at home. She was most professional, extremely helpful and empathetic. A wonderful asset to you.  We learned from each-other, I understand much more about the MHA as a result of your informative service.  Thank you for all your help and just continue to communicate your service is valuable to one’s well-being. Mr. V

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