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If you don’t plan, strangers could make decisions for you…

Peter Edwards has created a series of short videos to help explain why helping vulnerable people is important and the challenges families and individuals face. If you feel you have not had the support or you simply need to know your rights., please call us on 0151 632 6699.

Episode 1: What inspired me to focus on Mental Health & Incapacity Law?

Episode 2: What type of issues do we deal with?

Episode 3: Why should I call Peter Edwards Law?

Episode 4: How do we work with our clients?

Episode 5: How do we change people’s lives?

Episode 6: What does protecting the vulnerable really mean?

Episode 7: Who have we helped and how have we helped?

Episode 8: What challenges do people face when protecting their family?

Episode 9: What can happen if my family is not protected?

Episode 10: How can I contact Peter Edwards Law?

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