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About Peter Edwards Law.

If you don’t plan, strangers could make decisions for you…

More than 6 million people suffer from mental health issues or lack capacity. It can happen suddenly, gradually or you could be born with it. If you are not prepared or do not have support you could find yourself, or a loved one, in a position where decisions are made without your consent.

Recognising the inequalities and discrimination, which are still endemic, Peter Edwards has dedicated his life to Mental Health and Incapacity Law.

As a lawyer in the 1970s Peter witnessed first-hand an individual who was detained and declared incapacitated pleading for help whilst being cruelly mistreated in hospital. The poor man’s back was left bleeding after being dragged across the carpet and effectively the staff could do what they like – there was nothing the patient could do.

Specialising in Mental Health and Incapacity Law

Peter has worked tirelessly in challenging injustices, whether it is assisting patients regain control of their life or making sure individuals are prepared in the event they may lose their mental health or capacity.

In January 1995 Peter established Peter Edwards Law. Today we have a dedicated team committed to making sure we are at the forefront of mental health and incapacity legal issues.

We believe in what we do. As a result we have built an enviable reputation as a leading practice in this specialist area. We are one of the very few highly specialised practices working exclusively in the areas of mental capacity and mental health. That is all that we do.

Our support team makes sure everything is organised and up-to-date so we can respond quickly. Our legal team covers a number of areas in England & Wales and has considerable knowledge, experience and expertise that we share, not just with each other but with anyone who wants to understand this area of law. This is why we run regular training courses for professionals, carers and individuals wanting to develop their knowledge and understanding.

If you are concerned about a friend or family member or want to protect yourself in the event of mental health or incapacity then please contact us at 0151 632 6699.

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