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I was worried my wife could lose all her money.
I was determined to protect everything she had worked for.

If you don’t plan, strangers could make decisions for you…

Financial Deputyship

When someone lacks the capacity to make decisions about money, pay bills or pay for care, other people can begin making decisions not in their best interest. Family members may not agree on how money should be managed and authorities may want payments for treatment and care. The issue can be very difficult. These financial matters are often sensitive and understanding the law and role of Financial Deputyship is essential in helping protect the rights of vulnerable adults.

Protecting the financial matters of a loved one

If someone you love lacks the capacity to make their own decisions through illness, accident or disability they will not be able to look after their own financial affairs. The Court of Protection can make decisions and appoint deputies to protect the interests of those who cannot make decisions for themselves.

They may be entitled to financial help from the state, they may have savings and investments that would help improve their care or need protecting from the state or they simply may have bills to pay. Unless someone takes responsibility a stressful situation can become much worse.

We have a team of people who can help you apply for deputyship or help you understand what you can do if you are already a deputy. In very complex cases we can even act as Deputy to resolve cases where there is no suitable Deputy.

What if I am unhappy with the appointed Financial Deputy?

Financial Deputy is usually a close friend or family member. If they abuse this trust or they are not capable of managing the finances of someone else this can lead to dispute. This may arise if you feel the Deputy is not acting in best interests of your loved one, or they are making decisions your loved one is perfectly capable of making themselves or perhaps they are not organising their finances properly and bills are not getting paid.

In which case, talk to us, as we can use our expert knowledge to advise you and if necessary challenge the decision.
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I would like to thank your for helping with mum’s welfare at a time that was really quite distressing. Your guidance and advice was invaluable and issues that you raised were totally unknown to me before I asked you to act for mum. Thank you. Mr L
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