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Estate planning

If you don’t plan, strangers could make decisions for you…

“There was a lot to think about and I needed someone who explain what my options are.”

Estate planning takes a broader approach to securing your future. Here we bring together your Will, pension, investments and assets to work together more efficiently. We plan this in accordance with your future wishes and desires and how you want to protect your family or distribute your assets when you die.

This changes over time and so we work with you to keep your plan up-to-date with your changing circumstances.


Your Will can be used as a way of ensuring your assets are organised efficiently on your death. For example, if you have a disabled child, you should consider setting up a special trust in your will so that your child’s money is not wasted

Inheritance Tax Planning

There are methods you can use to mitigate any potential inheritance tax liability. For example, if you make a gift of more than £3000 to a member of your family this will fall outside of your estate for tax purposes if you survive 7 years from making the gift.


Trusts can be used to protect your assets. For example if you are worried you might lose your house if you go into care a trust can be used to assist you with this in certain circumstances.

Our estate planning team will help you put into place a plan that will give you peace of mind and work with you to ensure your plan changes as your circumstances change.

More ways we can help making decisions

Lasting powers of attorney


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