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My son needed protecting…
…so of course I am going to make sure he gets the right care.

If you don’t plan, strangers could make decisions for you…

Community Care

Community care is a vital service provided by the NHS and social services and can be the difference between having a happy and fulfilling life or a frustrating, lonely battle against bureaucracy. The availability and quality of community care is often different depending on which Local Authority you live in and this can be frustrating for vulnerable adults who need help.

If you feel you or a loved one is not receiving the services you need we have a specialist Community Care legal team who understand the law and can challenge the authorities on your behalf.

Community care support and help

Community care involves different types of help and support for adults and children including:

1. Help with getting up, washing, dressing, bathing, feeding and getting around;
2. Domestic help such as cleaning, shopping and laundry;
3. Adaptations to your property such as stair lifts, ramps, handrails, raised toilet seats, lowering work tops, equipment for safety, comfort and convenience;
4. Leisure, occupational and rehabilitation activities in day centres, training centres, workshops and holiday homes;
5. Respite care if someone is caring for a disabled person; and
6. ‘Meals on wheels’, or lunches in day centres.

Decisions about the level and quality of community care are made by public bodies including the NHS and social services and, by-and-large most vulnerable people benefit. There are occasions however, when those entitled to receive community care services simply don’t get it or it is delivered poorly. You have a right to make sure you, or a relative you are concerned about, receives the community care service you are entitled to.

Help from our team of community care solicitors

At Peter Edwards Law we have an expert team of community care solicitors who specialise in challenging injustices in the provision of community care. We can help you with any issues, in particular:

  • The new Care Act
  • Making sure you receive the right care package at home or in a care home
  •  Helping you remain at home
  •  Resolving family disputes about care and funding for relatives
  •  Powers of Attorney and the Court of Protection.

If you, a relative or a person you are caring for feel you are not getting the services or care you are entitled to we can ensure it is put right.

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