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Winner of the best Niche Firm Award

If you don’t plan, strangers could make decisions for you…

In May 2019 We won The Best Niche Firm Award

A very big thank you to all of you who supported us.

Many of the comments were very humbling and help to reinforce for all our staff why our work is so important. It is difficult to select examples but here extracts from four of them.

” Unfortunately when you have an acquired brain injury your opinion doesn’t matter, it’s like you don’t have feelings and you don’t get taken seriously, but that’s not the case at all at Peter Edwards Law, on the contrary you DO get heard, your opinion and feelings DO matter, and that means more than anyone can imagine.”

“Having worked with both Duncan and Paul from Peter Edwards Law, I have been extremely impressed with them and the support and guidance they have provided. Both Duncan and Paul go out of their way to visit clients and build up a rapport with them, something other solicitors haven’t done. This is such a personal touch and means a lot to both me and my clients.”

“The solicitors have been able to explain, sometimes complex, legal jargon and processes in a way that I and my clients have been able to understand. This has enabled individuals from a range of care settings to participate and contribute to the discussions and decisions taking place about them. This has led to some very positive outcomes to the quality and life and support to some very vulnerable people.”

“Their talented and pragmatic legal team have obtained great outcomes for people we ask them to represent and they are driven by a genuine desire to help people. All of our advocates have benefited from legal advice about cases and speak very highly about the advice received, the representation for our clients and their professional and methodical approach to case management.”

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A word from one of our clients…

How can you improve? As I believe Peter Edwards Law are the best. Mrs E
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