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Peter Edwards has been training in Mental Health and Incapacity Law for over 35 years. His courses are thought provoking, challenging, entertaining and at the forefront of Mental Health and Incapacity Law.

Delivered from his practice in Hoylake, Wirral or locations around the country (on request) his Mental Health training courses are attended by a range of professionals directly involved in mental health, learning disability and elderly services. Also professionals who come into  into contact with those who might be mentally disordered or lack capacity such as police, dentists, general hospitals and solicitors.  Peter also trains service users, advocates and families.

NOTE: Courses are regularly updated.

Peter Edwards’ credentials

Recent appointment: Visiting senior lecturer Edge Hill University. Peter’s experience within the Mental Health and Incapacity field draws upon his legal expertise and also his work as President of Imagine, a large mental health charity based in Liverpool.  Previously he has been Legal Consultant to the World Health Organisation, Law Society Chief Assessor for the Mental Health Review Tribunal Panel, President of the Mental Health Lawyers Association, Member of Central Policy Committee of Mental Health Act Commission, Vice Chair Law Society Mental Health and Disability Committee and a Member NACRO Advisory Committee. Peter was also a Member of MIND’s Council of Management.

In 2007 Peter was nominated as Mental Health Lawyer of the Year and, along with Dave Sheppard, used to run IMHL a training and conference company.

Areas of law Peter Edwards covers…

The Care Act 2014

  • How this impacts on the Mental Health Act
  • Changes to s.117 aftercare
  • The associated Code

Mental Capacity Act 2005

  • An introduction to the Mental Capacity Act Understanding the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards
  • What amounts to deprivation of liberty?
  • What does continuous supervision and control mean?
  • When to use the Mental Health Act and when to use the Mental Capacity Act Capacity and Consent to Treatment
  • Protecting vulnerable adults Using the Court of Protection including DOLS

Mental Health Act 1983 (as amended)

  • Introduction to Mental Health Act and Code
  • Legal Updates
  • Guardianship and Community Treatment Orders
  • Nearest Relatives
  • Challenges to detention
  • Supervision of conditionally discharged patients
  • Mental Health Law for Hospital Managers
  • People with learning disabilities and the Mental Health Act
  • Children and the Mental Health Act

The Tribunals Courts and Enforcement Act

  • Writing reports and presenting evidence at Mental Health Tribunals / Hospital Managers hearings
  • First Tier Tribunals, Rules and Practice Directions
  • Appeals to the Upper Tier

The Domestic Violence, Crime and Victims Act

  • Managers and Responsible Clinicians duties to victims
  • Victims and tribunals

The Human Rights Act

  • European Convention on Human Rights and the Human Rights Act 1998

In addition

Through Peter Edwards Law I am happy to provide legal advice on issues of policy and practice.

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