I want to help a family member

“A loved one is suffering and I don’t know what to do”

Seeing someone we love vulnerable and suffering from mental health or incapacity is stressful. Seeing them denied the help and support they need is incredibly frustrating. When you are faced with trying to help someone most people don’t know what they are entitled to. Why would they? It’s not something you expect to happen, so you may not know what questions to ask and when someone says no they may be wrong and you may be right.

The Law in England & Wales is very clear when it comes to protecting vulnerable people, the problem is many organisations simply don’t know it. This includes Local Authorities, doctors, police, psychiatrists and other professionals (including some lawyers I’m afraid) who work within the Mental Health Act.

Mental Health and incapacity law is the only thing we do

At Peter Edwards Law, we don’t do anything else other than work on behalf of vulnerable clients affected by mental health and incapacity. Getting the help, support and care for your loved one is our absolute priority.

Our legal and support team around the country can help in any number of areas including:

  • Advising detained patients and families or carers about their rights
  • Representation at Mental Health Tribunals
  • Representation at Mental Health Review Tribunals in Wales
  • Advice and assistance at Hospital Managers Hearings
  • Advice on care in the community
  • Your rights to free aftercare services
  • Advice and representation in incapacity cases
  • Lasting Power of Attorney and Court of Protection Matters
  • Inquests relating to deaths of mental patients

If you are not happy with the mental health care or treatment your loved one is receiving, contact us today