I have a mental health issue

Being diagnosed with mental health problem can often mean that your opinions and ideas are not taken seriously. As a result opportunities and choices that everyone else gets to make can be taken away from you. People think they are better placed than you to know what’s best and, occasionally that may be the case, but often it isn’t.

People may be making decisions on your behalf against your will and this can add to your stress and suffering. Whether it is family, friends or the authorities, if you feel you are not being treated fairly, ignored or not getting what you deserve the Law is there to help and we’re here to help you understand the law.

Removing the barriers

Having a mental health problem can make voicing opinions, wants and needs almost impossible. Once your ability to make decisions is taken away, you are powerless and we believe everybody has the right to make decisions … even bad ones.

Telling people you have a mental health problem is difficult enough, talking to a lawyer may seem just as daunting. Our practice’s sole purpose is to help fight for the rights of vulnerable people and whilst injustices continue to happen we won’t stop. We start with respect, we listen and we do our utmost to help, so talk to us today.